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Five Dot Fly Fishing Club Memberships

~ Limited Memberships Available ~

Five Dot Fly Fishing Club | Memberships

Five Dot Fly Fishing Club Invites You to Join One of California’s Largest Private Catch & Release Fisheries

Five Dot Fly Fishing Club is an exclusive private member fly fishing club located on Round Valley Reservoir. Round Valley Reservoir, a 400-acre reservoir is located in an ultra secluded basin on the upper elevations of Five Dot Ranch's home ranch. Located only 17 miles north of Susanville California, anglers have plenty of options for lodging and camping while fishing this remarkable fishery.


To ensure that every member has a great experience, Five Dot Fly Fishing Club limits the number of annual memberships. Memberships are limited to avoid overcrowding, overuse of the property, and to ensure member and guest safety. So, to ensure you get a 2024 membership, contact us today!

2024 Fishing Season Membership

An annual membership at Five Dot Fly Fishing Club allows you to join a group of 9-14 additional fisherman. Each membership group will be allotted a period of 30 fishing days annually, 5 days in each of the following months: April-June and September-November. Your membership dues allow you access to Round Valley Reservoir and all of the included amenities during those 30 preselected fishing days. You can fish on all or a portion of your groups 30 annually allotted days. Have a question? Contact Us!


Annual Membership Rates:

Single (one person): $900

Five Dot Fly Fishing Club - Fishing Guidelines

All Fishing at Five Dot Fly Fishing Club is Catch & Release with Barbless Artificial Flies and Lures Only


✓ All Member Fishing is by Reservation and Subject to Availability

✓ Fishing is Catch and Release Only

✓ Aluminum Boats are Provided on Lake Shore - *You Must Bring Motor*

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